Rant warning and Thank You Big Dee’s

 I order tack online all the time. I always need another halter, another lead rope, brush or a fly mask. It is an addiction I know.  Everyone with horses knows this is an unending cycle. I have enough tack, like bridles and saddles, to start my own tack shop, but the every day items seem to walk off or break. I have ordered from every tack store online. I keep going back to Big Dee’s because they have awesome customer service and there stuff has better quality. Also their people are great when I ever call them for anything. I have yet to get someone who is cranky or pissy, they all have a pleasant demeanor and a sense of humor.  I have ordered form them for at least 20 years! First from their catalogs, then online.

 I now have decided never to order from anyone else after ordering form one of their competitors. I got an email solicitation from Chicks that had a $10 off coupon. Well everyone wants to save a few dollars. So I placed an order. When ever I ordered from any other place I usually got an email in a day or 2 with tracking info. Big Dee’s usually sends one the same day if I order in the morning. I called Chicks after 3 days of no email thinking maybe I had put my email in wrong. Nope, they tell me they don’t fill orders or ship for 3-5 days! So I wait. Then I get a partial order and the fly masks are missing and a burgundy halter too. I call them, they are on back order so I tell them to cancel them as I am going to go buy some as I need them NOW and have already waited almost 2 weeks. I call up Big Dees and order my fly masks and they put them in the mail that day, I got them 2 days later. All of a sudden the other day I get some fly masks from Chicks, I had canceled the order! Then they are very cheap and poor quality and the stitching is pulling out and not even on a horse yet. Then I get an email from my bank, Fraudulent activity inquiry. Chicks has charged me 2 more times for the order. I call them and tell them I do not want these fly masks and I had canceled the order. Also they have charged me two more times. The guy is not very friendly and acts like I am wasting his time! He tells me I should take this up with my bank! I am not feeling the love here, and am not very happy with Chick’s at this point. I tell him I did not want these fly masks, I had canceled the order, and I want these charges off my bank card and I want to send these masks back.  He finally tells me to keep the fly masks and he will take the charges off. The fly masks are mine to keep free. Fine, that works, I can try to stitch them up and use them for spares or something. I am feeling better about them, they will handle it, right? Um….. Ok, that was yesterday. I check my in on my online banking today and they have taken one charge off, BUT they have charged me for 3 fly masks! And one of the extra charges is still on there! So now I have paid for the whole order twice, and then again for the fly masks I do not want! So, to sum it up, I paid double for the wormers and halters, triple for the crappy fly masks, and now they are closed for the weekend! It is a good thing I got a $10 off coupon, which by the way was not applied to the order when they charged me the second time! I have paid $193.84 for my $79.97 original order, oh but wait, they charged me extra shipping for the fly masks too, because they were not shipped with the original order! That brings the total up to 205.67. I am so glad I order online to save money!

 I called Big Dee’s today and told them I will never shop anywhere else. I had gotten my fly mask order from them that one item was not the right one. It was a sticker for the trailer that said “CAUTION HORSES” but I had ordered a sign that said caution horse crossing. They tell me they are so sorry and for me to just keep the stickers and they would send out my sign asap. I am so grateful they are so nice and all, that I order some halters too.

2 thoughts on “Rant warning and Thank You Big Dee’s

  1. I smiled a lot while reading these! Laughed out loud a couple of times too. You need to ad some more the last one was in April! I think a book is in order as well it would be great coffee table material.

    • Thank you Ryane, I have been ill for awhile so was not feeling like writing. I thought I had posted dog day yesterday. Unfortunately I screwed something up and it was not showing up. Thanks to your comment I was made aware of this blunder. I am going to try to get back to a weekly post. I do have another I need to clean up, but will post this weekend. It is called tack sale weekend. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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