How to crash a dream.


So I get a phone call today from a guy who has a mare and he wants to know how he can make money breeding her to have babies. He wants to know how many babies a year a horse can have, how much a breeding to a stallion is, and how much he can sell resulting babies for once born. And how many days or weeks after being foaled they can be sold. I ask him a few questions about the mare he’s proposing to breed. First is she registered? How much has she been shown? Has she had babies before? How old is she?

So he tells me the mare was given to him she’s not registered, she’s not broke to ride,  she is 24 yrs old and you can barely even catch her. I explained the mares only have one baby every 11 to 12 months, And it is not worth breeding a mare that has never been shown had babies when she is not a useful mare. Also a mare as old as his will likely either not take when breeding, or may miscarry, or have trouble foaling. The mare will need her shots, deworming and feet done during all this time. Plus high quality feed. Also foals must stay with their mother at a minimum 3 months, 6 is better. Also the foals will need to be halter broke and be good with having their feet worked with. They will need their shots and dewormed. 

 I then went on to explain the costs involved in the 18 months from breeding to sale of foal. These are bare averages, they could be more or less. There are many other costs, but start with these.

 Minimum cost of Breeding and mare care.                                $1000

 18 months of farrier care for the mare.                                        $450

 18 months of dewormer for mare.                                                 $110

 18 months of quality feed from a feed store.                             $3100

 Vet care for mare and mare/foal.                                                  $400

 Immunizations if done by owner.                                                   $240


Total                                                                                                  $5300

 Average price of unregistered foal $400

Poor guy was quiet for a very long time. Then he asked me if I want a free horse. 


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