Horse Haiku

My brain is broken. I read something about haiku, then they started popping out of my brain.

What, my horse is out?

It is only 4 am,

Do you want a horse?


My neighbor calls me,

Your black horse is in my yard

She sure poops a lot!


My horse is not dead

Strange people in my pasture

Yes, horses lay down.


Strange noises outside!

My horse is right by window.

She’s snoring, who knew?


Call, out of the blue

You are giving me a horse?

Who are you again?


Standing so pretty,

My horse is finally clean

Get off of my foot!


Never wear chapstick

When brushing your horse in spring.

Not a good idea.


No, your child cannot

Go out into my pasture

Are you that stupid?


Horses don’t eat that

I tell my mare as she chews

Gone, my cheese sandwich.


Who are you anyways,

Out in my field with my horse?

Did you know I’m armed?


Running down the road

Halter and rope in my hand,

Trying to catch mare.


Round bales easier?

Not if you don’t have tractor,

Then not so easy.


Your horse is pretty,

But her trot is horrendous

No I don’t want her.

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