The surprise horse? Part one

I am trying to sell my house. It sucks. I am doing all the work on it, dealing with my mother in laws hoard, talking to idiots who are looking to buy, listing house. My husband is a great guy, but he has to work so bills get paid. He is a trucker and rarely home.
Anyways, I am dealing with a lot. To top it off, my old mare Pepsi, who I have had for about 9 yrs, has cancer. She has went blind. The cancer is in her skull so it is putting pressure on her brain making her confused.
Until she is unhappy, in pain, or her physical shape declines, I will love her and take care of her. But I have been looking for another horse to ride. I have Calliope, my way too smart, always up to no good little mare, but I can’t take her out and leave Pepsi alone, nor take Pepsi with. Also Calliope has not been out much alone yet.
So I needed a horse to ride. went to the local rescue and found a horse just like my Stallion I was forced to sell many years ago when I left my ex and became a single mother. This Gelding is named Montana. Big Palomino. I am thrilled! He is more than I hoped to find, instant connection.
Getting ready to bring him home and, boom, my real estate agent tells me about her friend “A”. A has brain cancer, also has an older horse that she needs to find a home for, like yesterday! She tells me it is an older mare, 19-20 yrs old, broke to ride, but hasn’t been ridden in awhile. This lady needs to find a home for this mare so she can deal with her health and selling her home. So there is something here that seems like balance. My mare has cancer in her head, this woman has cancer in her head and needs to rehome her horse.
I am an idiot. I say yes, I will take the horse. If it doesn’t work as a riding horse for my daughter or husband, I will figure it out. So I am getting a surprise horse in 2 days. I don’t know anymore about her than I stated. Older mare, broke to ride. I don’t know the color, the breed, the size even. My friend the realtor said, “she might be a walking horse?”
Recently I had rehomed several of my horses. Got down to just Pepsi, even leased out Calliope. But Calliope wasn’t happy, neither was Pepsi. So Calliope is back. I had told my husband that I was getting rid of my horses and most of my tack. But in the last week, I have committed to getting not one new horse, but 2! Bought 2 new really fancy bronc halters too! But I did sell two saddles to pay for Montana.
I have got to be the stupidest or most gullible woman on the planet!
Stay tuned. I will be getting the “Surprise” horse Saturday at noon. I have to drive a couple hours to go get her. I will write about my adventure after I get home.

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